I have an incurable condition…


it's the love of doing what I do...capturing in photographs the stories of people's lives as they are written in moments large and small.

Not simply documenting the stories; I want people to discover how beautiful their stories are, and they in them.

I want viewers of my images to feel they know something of the people I’ve photographed, even if they’ve never met. 

I want my friends and clients to look at their photos years later and experience a smile of recognition and warm recall. 

I want children and grandchildren to look at photos of a young couple and discover personalities they may not have known otherwise.

I enjoy seeing a story unfold the second time as I assemble it into an album or a photo book.  I love to hear excitement and pleasure in the voice of a client seeing their photos for the first time after an event.  I enjoy contemplating the satisfaction someone may have years in the future as they view an important part of the thread of their personal story.

I'd love to share this with you.